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Archives for : July2013

Episode 16

With the numerous stories about men acting inappropriately towards women at cons and how many seem to force women to “prove” their nerdiness, we felt it was a great time to invite some of our female nerd friends to get their take on the issues. Our friends, Mary Wyn from the Facebook page “Nerd News”, cosplayer Jessica Jane, Star Wars trivia expert Salina, and all around nerd Amanda join us to explain how they feel about the stories and on some of their opinions on the nerd news of the day!

Episode 15

We have the distinct pleasure to have “Nightmare World” and “Write or Wrong” writer Dirk Manning joining us once again. We talk to him about how he got started, what inspired his “Write or Wrong” column and book, and the two new projects he has hitting your LCBS this September. As always, Dirk delivers a great time and some excellent information. Find out how he made Howard Stern SPEECHLESS on the air along with a great deal more excellent stories.