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Archives for : December2013

Episode 22 (2013 Year in Review)

What a year it has been! We are hanging out at one of our favorite local breweries, Right Brain Brewery, to have the opportunity to have some friends join us for a review of 2013. The laughs are many, the discussions get heated at times, and as always we have a ton of fun! 2013 may have been one of the greatest years for nerds, so settle in for all of our takes on it. A big thanks to Right Brain for letting us set up, and to Nick, Aaron, Miller, James, Christina, Kaylin and all the rest that stopped by for the festivities! We talk for a LONG time, so just to warn you!

Episode 21

Here we are….the Next Gen! The console wars have gotten off to a blazing start with both the PS4 and XBONE (We didn’t make this shorthand we are just making sure you all see how ridiculous it is) selling over a million units each on the first day. However, some of the promised functionality is missing. What is our take on these glaring absences? We also talk a bunch about our thoughts on The Day of the Doctor and what it means for the future of Doctor Who. We also touch on some ideas for presents this season and what we want too!! Enjoy!