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Archives for : May2014

Episode 29 (Cherry Capital Comic Con 2014)

Stay on target!

The theme of this weekend at Cherry Capital Comic Con was stay on target. Both for times during the con and the parties after. Whew! What a weekend. Fun was had by all, new friends were made, and old friendships were rekindled. We had a great time talking to a number of people that stopped at our booth to see what we were up to and are hopefully checking this out with the rest!

We were lucky enough to have a few minutes with our good friend Dirk Manning, which was great because Tales of Mr. Rhee Volume 1 has recently hit and Volume 2 is on the way! Speaking of way…..we were also able to snag quite a bit of time with former Marvel writer Dan Way. Dan has worked on such popular titles as Thunderbolts, Wolverine: Origins, and what he is most well known for…Deadpool! Dan was super cool and was willing to share quite a bit of insight into what being a comic book writer means.

In addition, we were able to meet Jay Fosgitt, who in addition to his amazing all ages comic Bodie Trollhe was also kind enough to do the official C4 poster! Jay is a super interesting guy and we cannot wait to hang out with him again! Andy Korty (aka Shaggy) from The Manor stops by to chat with Corey and you are in for a treat. We also talk to Jacob Jurkowski about his characters from FalseSTOP and the game he has programmed himself based on them!

Even during all the excitement we found time to weigh in on the Edgar Wright situation…..What Edgar Wright situation you say? Listen and find out!!

Stay nerdy my friends!

Episode 28

In our penultimate episode before Cherry Capital Comic Con, we have plenty to talk about. Agents of SHIELD has wrapped their season, as has Arrow. We touch on our thoughts of this season for nerd TV and also give our hopes and dreams for the awesomeness that should be next fall by adding Gotham, The Flash, and Agent Carter.

We discuss the good and the bad of Amazing Spider-Man 2, as well as our take on the end of ASM that included a preview for FOX’s X-Men Days of Future Past. Was this Marvel’s influence or are Sony and Fox trying to build a team to fight the Juggernaut that is Marvel Studios?

Corey hops up on his Soapbox once again, and gives his take on the Xbox One price drop and what the cause and effect are.

We also talk about the recent decision of the FCC to take public comment on their new Net Neutrality policy. This is a very important fight and we urge you to make sure your opinion is heard. You can comment here. The “Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet” topic is the one you are looking for. Keeping the Internet fair and open for all users is one of the most important fights of our generation and EVERY opinion is important.

Thanks for listening and Stay Nerdy my Friends.

Episode 27

It was a huge week of announcements in the nerd world and we are here to bring the news all to you!

The cast of Star Wars Episode VII : Order of the Jedi has been announced. What do we think of the choices for the new cast members? Check it out and let us know what you think too!

In addition, we comment on the new TMNT trailer, DCs failures, C4, and why exactly Pat hates Internet Explorer so, so much.

Have a listen and feel free to leave some comments below!