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Archives for : September2014

Episode 32

#GamerGate has made the Internet, especially Twitter, explode. Find out what it is all about and what Pat and Corey’s feelings are about it!

The iPhone 6 is out and it has an amazing new feature! Find out what it is and just how awesome it is!

The wife of a fairly well known comic book creator has come out questioning whether cosplayers are costing the creators money at conventions. Do the guys agree?

Amazingly enough, even though the guys are both big wrestling fans, they have NEVER talked about it on the show! That changes this time!

All that and more on the newest edition of Digital Nerdage!

A return to the quest…

So, some of you may have thought that I had forgotten what I had set out to do earlier this year. I assure you that was not the case. Between the INSANE difficulty of Final Fantasy II and the absolutely bizarre leveling system I got majorly bogged down in FF2. That being said, I have FINALLY finished it. I must say, I kind of hated it. Between no instruction on the massive change in the leveling system, to the long drawn out dungeons with no save points, it just seemed to make it artificially hard.

There were points I liked, the advancement in story telling chief among them. It just wasn’t enough to change my mind about the game. Making to the final level of a dungeon only to meet a basilisk that glares at the entire party turning them all to stone thus having to start the dungeon over was INFURIATING. In addition, there is no real way to stop from turning to stone other than RNG or a massively underpowered helmet. I can appreciate difficult games, in fact i tend to LOVE a big challenge from a video game, I just don’t like throwing away most of a night of play time on the RNG.

Though I struggled quite a bit, I have made it through after a long struggle and a busy summer. Onward to the Onion Knight!

Episode 31

Pat spent the weekend at Cincy Comicon and got to hang out with some awesome creators! Kendall, Bill, Kara, and Tony put on an amazing show! Can’t wait for next year!

We have interviews from Eric Palicki, Dirk Manning, Ken from A and G Con and the awesome Dennis Hopeless. Take a listen and join the conversation!