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Archives for : October2014

Episode 34

Corey is otherwise disposed so our friend Travis Crawford stops by to fill in the second chair this week! Even though we were pretty clear our feelings on the Gamergate controversy, new developments made Pat’s head nearly explode and the subject is broached again. We also give our thoughts on what some of the images from the recently released Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer mean. Who is who, and what do some of the things happen foretell? We wrap up with a good chunk of games talk, including Borderlands, WoW, Fantasy Life, and more.

Thanks for listening and stay nerdy my friends!

Bonus Episode!

We had some fun the Saturday night of Cincy Comicon and hung out with some of our friends! Everyone was really cool and let me get a bit of a peak behind the curtains for all those that AREN’T there after the con doors close. A big thanks to Jason, Landon, BJ, Adam, Dirk, Comfort, Rob and anyone else that I am unfortunately forgetting. I hope everyone enjoys what happens after the attendees go home at a comic con.

Episode 33

New York Comic Con is under way, and lots of our friends are there having a great time. We are home running a brand new episode to keep our mind off the fact that we are missing out….

We intended to roll right in to some of the big news that has come out recently, but an off hand comment starts a pretty long and awesome conversation about anime!

We roll into some talk about deaths of characters AND books at Marvel. How that will affect the MCU, and whether a Sony/Marvel team up happens to bring Spiderman to the MCU.

It is also season premiere time and it is a great time to be a nerd and watch TV. Arrow, Flash, Agents of Shield, Gotham, Supernatural and more are around to keep us busy most nights.

We also touch on some of the rumors that have come out based on slips of the tongue by members of the MCU, and do some speculating on what may be coming in the DCTVU.

Thanks for listening and stay nerdy my friends!