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Archives for : March2015

Episode 41

The band is back together and Corey gives Pat the business for last episode…

In addition, there are a tremendous amount of things to cover, not the least of which being the Nintendo NX and DeNA announcements!

This is also the first time the guys run the show as a Google Hangout, and it shows…..

Take a listen and let us know what you think!!!

Episode 40

Our friend Scott Gerhardt of The Gamer’s Dome sits second chair for the first time ever! Some of you may recognize The Gamer’s Dome from Pat’s multiple appearances on there sitting second chair to Scott. Now the shoe is on the other foot….muahahahahahaha. In addition to the occasional podcast, Scott is very active on playing Magic: The Gathering Online and various other games.

As for this episode, we start with the unfortunate loss of Leonard Nemoy, and the scary moment that happened just before we started recording where Harrison Ford crashed his plane. We also talk some MTG as Scott is a sometimes Pro Tour player and much more about gaming!

There are far too many topics that Scott and Pat run into to mention, and due to both of them being long winded this episode clocks in over the two hour mark!!! Take a listen and tell us what you think!!!

Stay nerdy, my friends.