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Kickstarter of the Week 4/28/15 – “Flutter”

We are back again with another Kickstarter that everyone should be looking at. We are talking with Jennie Wood about the Kickstarter she is putting on with Jeff McComsey for their book Flutter. The teaser pages and synopsis of this book really drew me in as it is a very unique story that not many are telling, but why not let Jennie tell you about it?
Digital Nerdage: What can you tell us about Flutter?
Jennie Wood: Flutter is about a girl who shape-shifts into a boy to get her dream girl and the chaos that
comes from pretending to be someone she’s not. She finds out that it’s not all rosy being a guy, either.
That guys face difficulties, too. And she has to face consequences for pretending to be someone else. 
It’s also about the struggle to embrace who she really is and be comfortable in her own skin.
DN: Can you please tell us about the creative team?
JW: Flutter is a 50-50 collaboration between me and Jeff McComsey. Jeff is the artist and I’m the creator /writer, 
but Jeff’s art influences the story in every way possible. The way he draws characters gives me clues about who
they are, influences the plot and character development. 
DN: Is there a reward you were super excited to offer or one that no one should pass up if it is still available?
JW: We have some original Flutter art from Jeff that’s still available. I’m always excited to share Jeff’s art with the world.
I’m also offering an online, one on one version of the comic / graphic novel writing class I teach at Grub Street, Boston’s
independent writing center. Whenever I promote that class on social media, there are always people who say they wish
they lived in Boston so they could take the class. Here’s their chance!
DN: Why Kickstarter as opposed to other crowd funding sites?
JW: Jeff’s had a lot of success with Kickstarter for his FUBAR comic anthologies. He encouraged me to do one for Flutter. 
I saw it as an opportunity to work with him, to collaborate with him in a new way, on this Kickstarter campaign. 
DN: Anything else you would like to share?
JW: Thank you so much for choosing to highlight our Flutter Kickstarter this week. 
And, one last thing, I just want to let people know about an extra reward we’re going to give to every backer as soon as we hit our Kickstarter goal. It’s a 28-page FUBAR mini comic, featuring all my stories from the FUBAR anthologies.
We had Brett Weldele do the cover for it. Here it is: 
Kickstarter continues to be a great place to find some of the most interesting titles in comics. I hope you all check out Jennie’s Kickstarter and back it if you can. Supporting indie comics like this are many times the only way they will ever get made. We will be back next week with another Kickstarter of the Week!

Dave the Nerd – Music Review of Ronald Jenkees ~ ‘Disorganized Fun’ (2009)

This is Ronald Jenkees’ second self produced album in his discography. When listening one could easily assume it is multiple musicians. However you would be vastly surprised that it is one musician working with Pro Tools and a two keyboard setup, he works from the beat up. With songs like ‘Disorganized Fun’ and ‘Throwing Fire’ the melodies and harmonies will easily get stuck in your head. And when you close your eyes you can easily see the songs being used in media promotions, television show, or even movies. To add a little variety, Ronald Jenkees tosses in a couple of slower old school raps. These raps he wrote himself and like normal created the background music himself. His raps are not equal to that of Eminem or Tu Pac, but more on the line of “Weird Al” or Keith “KFace” Allen. Overall I feel this album is a great listen with massive multi-playback potential. On a scale of 1-10, where 1 is “OMG…set it on fire!!” and 10 is “Absolutely Amazing!!” I give this album easily a 9.2 out of 10. The reason is the melodies are awesome, Ronald Jenkes is amazingly talented, and if you are interested in using his music for a podcast or something all you have to do is go to his website and ask him for permission. I can say from personal experience, he replies back quick and is very friendly.

Episode 5 – Dan Nokes

Tonight we are joined by one of the coolest, hardest working, super awesome men in comics: Dan Nokes!

Dan is a one man band, illustrating, coloring, lettering, and writing all of his own works! To date some of his works include:

The Pistoleers

Adam and Eve: Bizarre Love Triangle in the Zombie Apocalypse

The Paranormals

The Impossible Space Tales of the Last Pit Stop (Free web comic minions! Get on it!)

Find more on Dan here:

ht tp://

We also talk Crystal’s new Outhousers endeavor,conventions, social phobia, Chinese funeral strippers and our own personal funeral wishes, as well as the funeral wishes of some FB fans!

Episode 4 – Greg Novak C2E2 Special!!

Sneak attack podcast coming atcha! Tonight we were joined by Greg Novak of, “The Outhousers!”
We discuss comic con mishaps with Greg, as he takes on DC publicists, cannibalism, head transplants, loch ness monster and how Google has joined the search.

Touching on Arsenic Lullabies by Douglas Paszkiewicz, and Impossible space tales of the last pit stop by, Dan Nokes!

Here are some respective links to check out!

“Kickstarter” of the Week 4/21/15: Light-Earth

Well, it only took one week for us to “bend” the rules of a Kickstarter of the Week but for good reason!! JR Blanton (known to some as FringeZilla) has written the wonderfully colorful and and very promising Light-Earth. He has turned to GoFundMe to help pay the amazing artists for the beautiful work that they have put into this work of love. We are also only “bending” the rules as the Kickstarter for this book will be starting in a few weeks!

Digital Nerdage: Can you tell us about your project?

JR Blanton: I never like to compare Light-Earth to other stories or properties because I worked very hard for decades to make it original and different from the normal fare. It is a high compliment, however, when someone reads the script and replies with “Light-Earth has the fantasy feel of The Lord Of The Rings, the epic, emotional drama of Star Wars, the brutal action of Game Of Thrones, and the complex storytelling of Fringe.

DN: Can you tell us about yourself and the other creators involved in the project?

JRB: Light-Earth is only one of three titles (the other two being Gallant and Vapor) I am working on with my team of Sika Murti and Bryan Magnaye. Both men have done work on independent titles but are hoping that Light-Earth will become a huge success.

DN: Who is your favorite character in Light-Earth? Why?

JRB: I don’t have a favorite character but I am very protective of them. The Anarra character in specific is one that I don’t allow to be seen over sexualized. There will be a special cover and print for the fans of that kind of art and it will be exclusive to the Kickstarter and will have a very low print run.

DN: What does the future hold for Light-Earth?

JRB: If the #0 issue does well on Kickstarter it will afford us the opportunity to finish the whole mini-series of 5 issues and the #0. The overall goal is to make it an ogoing series that will be broken down into various arcs containing some stories that unfold over centuries.

DN: Anything else you would like to share?

JRB: I have patiently waited for 3 decades to make this book a reality. I am highly confident that readers will thoroughly enjoy the characters, their stories, and the world they live in. You will see a peaceful world torn apart by war and enslaved by a being so powerful that he may be impossible to defeat. Light-Earth is what I was born to do. I just hope that even one person is positively effected by what we’re trying to bring to the table.

Projects of passion are some of my favorites and it is obvious this is one for JR. The initial pages are beautiful and the things I have seen so far give me great hope for this project. Head on over to Light-Earth‘s GoFundMe page and take a look and support it if you can! If you REALLY like what you see, we will keep you posted on when the Kickstarter will go live!

Stay nerdy my friends.

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae

Gamers who bought Final Fantasy Type-0 HD were also treated to a demo of Final Fantasy XV. The demo, titled Episode Duscae, picks up after the characters car (!?) has broken down.

Prince Noctis, Count Ignus, Gladiolus, and Prompto need to scour the countryside to earn the 24,ooo Gil needed to pay for the repairs to their car. The players have a choice in how they raise the money. They can either take the time to beat up the monsters that inhabit that area in which they are stranded, or they can track and kill the one-eyed, one-horned, giant, purple, people-eating Behemoth: Deadeye.

The first thing that jumps out in this demo is the MASSIVE change in the combat system. You control Prince Noctis in live action combat and have no control over the other three members of your party. The combat is much more like a hack and slash than the traditional turn based combat that Final Fantasy players are used to. Noctis has the ability to warp around the battlefield and uses that to quickly close the gap between himself and the monsters, or to warp away to recover HP and MP. In addition, Noctis has five different weapon slots which he will randomly summon to use in the attack. The type of weapon equipment will affect how that weapon strike behaves. For instance, one-handed swords are fast but don’t hit very hard, while two handed swords will hit hard but a fairly slow. It seems that what you equip in each slot will have a very big impact on how easy or tough a battle will be.

For the players that choose to track and kill the behemoth, more of the game play is revealed. After tracking Deadeye and laying a trap that succeeds to apparently kill him, the group fails to down him and must flee from the fight. This leads them on a quest for information. They hear about a cavern full of goblins with some mysterious power associated with it. The power in the cavern is actually the ability for Noctis to summon Ramuh when his hit points reach zero. The summon is a massively powerful attack that pretty much guarantees a win, even over the immensely powerful Deadeye. The summoning itself is beautifully done and does a great job of showing just how powerful summons will be.

In addition to the changes to the combat system, there is also a change to how characters gain levels. The game utilizes a day/night cycle as well as a camping system. Players will want to camp at night once the bonuses gained from the previous night’s camp have worn off. This is where they will recover their stats, eat a meal that will provide the bonuses for the next day and the XP gained during the day will be applied to gain levels. Players will find that most nights multiple levels will be gained. Although they were not a part of the demo, it seems there with also be new techniques to learn at night during camp.

The graphics are exceptional, and the music is as amazing as it always is in Final Fantasy games. The different battle style may take some time for hardcore Final Fantasy players to get used to, but once you are used to it the change adds a different level of difficulty to the game. No release date is yet set for Final Fantasy XV, but this demo should do well to help get folks excited!

Episode 3 – Outtakes

Hear the madness, the inappropriateness and false starts first hand. Go behind the scenes for a special look of the making of The Mistresses of Mayhem & Chaos Podcast (with special guest, Todd of Basement Fodder)

Episode 3 Part 2 – Special Edition Review of Bodie Troll by Jay Fosgitt

In a special edition of Mayhem and Chaos (with special guest Todd of Basement Fodder), we took on Jay Fosgitt’s, “Bodie Troll” for a review.. This is an AMAZING comic about a troll creature named Bodie. Jay is a one man band, illustrating, writing, lettering and coloring all of his own work! This comic is easily aimed for children with the ability for adults to enjoy as well. Jay will be at Motor City comic con and at Comics & More in Madison Heights, MI on May 6th. Additionally, issue #2 is receiving a repressing for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!!! Be sure to stay tuned for that! You can find more on Jay at


Episode 3 – Todd of Basement Fodder & JR Blanton

For their 3rd episode, The Mistresses of Mayhem & Chaos are joined by none other than Todd of Basement Fodder and Author and host of The CAC show JR Blanton. We talk about various projects, being a woman on the Internet, announce our teaming up with and predict that this is the episode that will get us sent packing. Crazy times ensue. EXTREMELY NSFW.

Episode 43

So, some big news has hit the nerd world as Star Wars Celebration had kicked off on the day this episode was recorded. What makes that even bigger, is that they also released a new trailer for The Force Awakens.

Pat and Corey nerd out BIG TIME on the amazing trailer. Honestly…most of the episode is them breaking it down, which how could you not love that?!?!?!? They also touch on the possible conspiracy begin to unravel in GTA V after you 100% the game, Mario Maker’s CRAZY price point, Jared Leto’s Joker and a plethora of other topics!

Check it out and stay nerdy my friends!