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Archives for : May2016

The Todd Files episode 22: Scott Schmidt

This week i’m joined by writer/creator of “Steele vs.”, Scott Schmidt! We discuss the RCMP, writing historical characters, the publishing process and more. Check out his kickstarter at

Basement Fodder episode 124

Dave and I are back this week talking Civil War, Flash and Arrow finales, my dental misadventures and the DC Rebirth piracy articles. I can already feel the hatred. A fun show as always! *Disclaimer: The views and opinions of the Basement Fodder Podcast do not reflect the views and opinions of Digital Nerdage. We assume responsibility for any issues with our content*

In Response to Harley Quinn’s “independent woman” debate


A few days ago, I ran into a few good friends of mine who frequent conventions in Harley and Joker cosplays and have been et with a pattern of harassment involving people implying that because of their choice in cosplay, it should represent to the public that their actual relationship is equally as abusive and toxic. while the idea of this being true or how you would get to theat conclusion is Ludacris to me, the idea stuck with me about how much debate has been going around the comic sphere about how Harley’s origin, behavior and specifically relationship with the joker effect her view either as a “Role Model” or as a “Strong female character”  for the record I use air quotes not to demean her but because those terms are so loaded these days, even their meanings are hard to decipher.

I havent covered this as much in my book yet, but considering the subject is here, I’m gonna put my foot down. As a “BTAS Expert” and researcher, I am very knowledgable about the relationship between harley and Joker and I see many people that misunderstand this relationship. By miisunderstand, I do not mean to say the abuse isn’t there because it clearly is, but everyone sees Harley putting up with Joker’s abuse as a sign of weakness, when in reality, it’s built to make a character that’s more reatable. Comic books and superheroes inparticular, are built as cranked to 11 versions of whatever particular ideal, methodology, issue, or charactereristic they are made to represent. while Many women may not want to be in a relatiotionship like harley’s, Id wager a lot f women RELATE to that relationship and for better or for worse, to some hopefully less toxic level, have BEEN in that relationship. and while it can be difficult to see someone in a situation like that and relate to how hard it is to get away from people like that, it makes it all the more impowering when you see her rise above that! Harley barks back at him! Harley stands up for herself! in the new 52, She kicked him to the curb and carries the PTSD he struck her with as a battle scar! Harley quinn means a lot to a lot of peple for a lot of different reasons. to imply that Harley quinn is only valuable to the world of comics as either a sex symbol, or a symbol of Stockholm syndrome, or male domminance or abusive relationships, than you have sadly missed the point.

Some comic characters show us who we are. some show us who we want to be. and in the case of Harley, Some show us Who we’ve been, and how to overcome. there is a value to all three of these, but the third is often overlooked. keep that in mind the next time you evaluate what Harley’s hardship means to her and to her audience.



Harley + Ivy For life!



If you’d like to read more about my thoughts on Harley, Joker and the gang, you should check out my book series The Man Who Watched batman available on amazon


HunnicOutcasts Season 2 Part 2 Another Tailspin

HunnicOutcasts Logo 2In an world of reboots and remakes. Especially for things we never wanted to have remade. Disney decided that we “needed,” another…that’s right another remake. Of The Jungle Book. You see in the 90’s we got an Live Action film. Then an direct to home media sequel. Then an 2003 Theatrical Sequel. Then…lots and lots of home media films.
Now Disney has decided to live action/remake. Their Classic Cartoon series. With Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast. And now Jungle Book.
Was this one an swinging party? Or did we just want to dance at the end of an vine?
Listen to the HunnicOutcasts Crew, to find out.

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Basement Fodder episode 123: Mega Show!

Dave and I are back after a few weeks off with a super sized show! We talk our vacation to the Great Smoky Mountains, moonshine tasting, beautiful country women and The Ripleys Aquarium. Then we cover this weeks episodes of The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, Kickstarter updates and more! A fun show as always!

Basement Fodder episode 122: Stebbins Con

We are live from Stebbins Con 2016! Dave is off larping, so i’m joined by Basement Babe 2.0 Sandy! We chat with Troy Copes of the Uncommon Geek podcast and the great Eric Palicki talking “Fake Empire” and “Guardians of Infinity”! A fun show as always.

Eps. 5 – Dirk Manning

Pat’s guest this time is none other than the incredible DMFM himself, Dirk Manning! Dirk joins us to talk about his ongoing Kickstarter for Tales of Mr. Rhee Volume 3, Nightmare World Volume 4, Mariachi #1 and so much more. It is always great to talk with Dirk and I hope you have a listen!

The Todd Files episode 21: Dirk Manning

This week i’m joined by author of “Write or Wrong” and creator of “Tales of Mr. RHEE”, the incomparable Dirk Manning! Dirk joined me live in the Basement of Doom to talk kickstarter success, interacting with fans and terrible pro wrestling. Big thanks to Dirk for once again taking the time to stop by and hang out with us.

We Have Wookie Cookies

HunnicOutcasts Logo 2

Season Two Part Two

In 2005 George Lucas stated. That the Star Wars Saga was complete…Then in 2008 we got. The animated feature, The Clone Wars. Then in ’13 Disney bought Lucasfilms. Whatever the case, Lucas’s prequels. Which are now a scuttlebutt with fans old and new. Were glad that the series was moving forward. With old friends not just making cameos. But playing important roles. So was this the sequel, that we were looking for? Or did the hype, become Bantha fodder? Listen to The HunnicOutcast, and the rest of the crew to find out.…d1084176785?mt=2

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The Todd Files episode 20: Frank Martin

This week i’m joined by Insane Comics writer Frank Martin. We discuss the finer points of scripting comics compared to film, choosing and working with artists, and his comic “Modern Testament: Volume 1”.