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Archives for : September2016

Basement Fodder episode 138

Dave and I are back talking our times at the Cincinnati Comic Expo, Jungle Jims, irritating children and more! Plus news and Kickstarters of the week! A fun show as always.

Episode 67

Corey is out this week, but Michelle and Pat are joined by Derek Becker of Comic Pros and Cons.

We try valiantly to talk about the SpaceX Mars program, quantum teleportation, and a new Star Wars fan theory but don’t succeed too well. Even though we miss some in depth discussion of the planned topics, we do have some great conversations!

Stay Nerdy My Friends!

It Came from the Que episode 2: Cowboys vs. Dinosaurs!

We’re back with another scifi action floater, Cowboys vs. Dinosaurs! We’re joined by The Den Mother of Doom Sandlet, The Basement Beesh Ariel and Legacy Rising Publications Michael Watson! We run down the flick, raptors on PCP, emotionless acting and more! A fine show!

Episode 66

We are all a bit drunk in this episode and it shows!

We talk about the PS4 Pro, the Chinese Rocket launch, CM Punk in UFC and more! Check out this latest(and according to Michelle GREATEST) episode of Digital Nerdage!

Stay Nerdy  My Friends.

Basement Fodder episode 137

Dave and I are back talking the first Smackdown ppv, WWE Backlash! We go in depth on the angles and matches and more. Also, News of the Week and Kickstarters of the Week! A fun show as always!

The Killing Joke

Season III

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Here I give you. The Average D.C.A.U. adaption of Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke. Step right up, don’t be shy. But be prepared for an thirty minute. W.T.F. -esque fest. Of Bat and The City. As Barbara Gordon will try to prove herself. As she tries to take down. An Mobster that tries to act, like The Joker. Only to be verbally abused by Batman. Then to have an rooftop…one night stand? Oh and then an forty five short film. Of Killing Joke, that doesn’t have Andrea Romero as the voice director?”

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Episode 65

Pat is back from vacation and a big thanks goes out to Todd from Basement Fodder for helping with hosting duties last week.

We are discussing a couple of horrible movies from Corey’s archive, Michelle’s Elon hand obsession, space probe launches, and a video game that The Indie Huntress herself demanded we talk about.

We also spend quite a bit of time discussing whether or not we have entered the Golden Age of Creator Owned Comics. Be sure to weigh in with your opinion in the comments!

Until next time, stay nerdy my friends.

Eps. 0 – Your host Pat!

I messed up and did not get a guest for this week, and I do not have a backlog. So I thought maybe some listeners would know a bit more about me! It is a short one. I promise!

Episode 64

Well Pat is on vacation this week so he reached out to one of the family to fill in on hosting duties, Todd from Basement Fodder!

I am terribly afraid of what this show holds as I have only heard rumors…but suffice it to say this one is NSFW to the extreme. I checked a bit of it out and heard….things. This one may be better if I don’t warn you what it holds!

Eps. 7 – Stefani Manard

We are joined by one of the nicest people I have ever met in the comics industry, Stefani Manard! Stefani is a fellow podcaster and the writer of her self published comic Psycho Path. We have a great time talking about all of her projects and so much else it is hard to list it all!!!