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Archives for : December2016

Rogue One

Season III

With the House of Mouse. Purchasing LucasFilms, was Rogue One? The Prequel you were looking for?

Join Hunnic and Todd to find out.

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X Marks the Spot

So I was 20 years old when Final Fantasy X came out, and it was at a time when all hell was breaking loose in my life. It was also the last game in the series I had played all the way through. After this one, I have not experienced the entire story of any of the games in the series.

I am touching base at this point for a very specific reason though. For a few years, all I have heard about is FFXIII is how linear it is. How all you do is follow one path with just a few branches off here and there for treasure chests……I had forgotten that FFX was VERY similar.

FFX has Blitz Ball which is a nice distraction, but honestly there is not much divergence from the prescribed path. Now granted part of that is because this game is built around a pilgrimage that Yuna must undertake, but it is still a pretty linear game.

Honestly, this does not diminish my enjoyment of the game so far but the parallels just struck me and I wanted to write it down!

P.S. I just rolled into the Travel Agency in Macalania.

Basement Fodder episode 144: The 2016 Christmas show!!

*Warning! The following show was recorded under the influence of much alcohol!*The 2016 Christmas Show is here! Just when i thought it wouldn’t happen, here it is, bigger than life and twice as hammered. We ramble on about a myriad of subjects including Star Wars, Spiderman, WWE and the tearing down of the Basement of Doom. A drunken show so be warned.

Episode 78

It is just Pat and Michelle this week, so the Star Wars talk is at a minimum…

However we have some great times talking about the new DuckTales, Netflix’s January releases, the first colonizing trip to Mars and more!

Check it out!

9 Down, 4 (or more) to go!

Well, another one down in my quest to re-play(or in a couple cases play for the first time) all of the main line Final Fantasy games. This time it was Final Fantasy IX, one of my top 3 games FF games.

As I played through this one, I posted a couple updates. I enjoyed playing through this one, and find it so interesting how much of the story I had forgotten. Especially the ending. I also found one screen of text to be rather funny in the lead up to the final battle:

Obviously the team at Square USA was channeling their inner Yoda when writing this bit. 🙂  I also enjoyed the little Aloha armor set in-joke the Honolulu, Hawaii based development team built in. Overall, this game has a great tone and fun story.

While VII had some great side quests, I think IX really made the side quests shine. The Chocobo Hot & Cold and subsequent Chocograph hunt games were an obsession of mine for a few reasons, not the least of which being it was a way to get like 4 of the best weapons in the game. Tetra Master, the in-game card game, was also more fun than most other iterations of the card games Square has tried to put together.

The characters of FFIX are really where the game finds its groove. I absolutely love the development of every character. None of the characters are the same at the end of the game as they are at the beginning. They also aren’t abruptly different. You see the changes as the story progresses.

The story is nice, except for the very end…I feel like the ending was ruined by the random extra boss at the end (Necron). There was just no point. Nothing about this creature had been even intimated before he shows up after defeating Kuja. There are few things I dislike in games more than developers making them artificially longer (See: LoZ-Spirit Tracks) and this final fight just felt like they decided the final battle wasn’t long enough.

Overall, I still love this game and enjoyed the hell out of playing it again. So much so, that I kept a save just before heading into the final dungeon so I could go back and build up my favored party(Zidane, Steiner, Vivi, Dagger) and go back to tackle the optional boss Ozma, whom I have never beaten before. Onward to your favorite whiny bitch and mine…..TIDUS and FFX!

Episode 77

It’s Ask Me Anything on Digital Nerdage this week! We took questions from our listeners and answered them live on the show. Most of the questions we had seen only moments before we read them and answered them. It offers up some fun interactions and even a few impassioned responses!

Check it out and let us know what you think!

Episode 76

We are back to normal this week, just the three of us! 🙂 We talk a lot of video games this week with the release of Final Fantasy XV and Pokemon Sun and Moon. We also sprinkle in some science time with Michelle, some Fantastic Beasts, and LOTS of making fun of one another.

Take a listen and don’t forget to leave your thoughts below!

Basement Fodder episode 143

Dave and I are back talking the epic DC tv shows crossover event, the Nightmare World kickstarter success and WWE Raw notes. A great show as always!