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Archives for : January2017

Bitches of Eastwick – Episode 2

The bitches are back with their first victim, ROB ANDERSIN of Creators of Written Sins

The conversation veers from sex toys to indie comics to politics. Strap in and listen up. As always, full of NSFW and WTF.

Episode 83

As we talk about in the episode, there is only one way to describe it.

Basement Fodder episode 148

Dave and I are back talking the DCU Tv world, sex with bearded ladies, Mass Effect Andromeda, Powerless and much more! A fun show as always!

The Bitches of Eastwick Episode 1

Chicks and mummy dicks abound in this inaugural episode of The Bitches of Eastwick Starring Shawna Shepherd, Chrissy L and Michelle Joy Gallagher. You may want to clear your schedules for this one. Severely NSFW.

Hangin in Ivalice

So, I have begun my quest into Ivalice. While I haven’t played FFXII all the way through before, hell hardly at all as I am now realizing, I am very familiar with Ivalice. I absolutely loved FF Tactics Advance and Advance 2 both of which take place in the Ivalice world. In fact, I think Ivalice may be the most used and fleshed out world in Final Fantasy history.

The first thing I notice about Final Fantasy XII is the complete change to the way the world works. Gone are the days of a solid path forward for most of the game. This world is fairly wide open from the word go. Granted you can only do so much based on the power of your character, but there are three different deserts to explore and Hunts to keep you busy as well. You can definitely feel the fact that this was developed along side the FFXI MMORPG.

Not only has the world change, but combat has as well. Gone is the traditional monsters on the left, heroes on the right and a pop up menu when it’s your turn. Now we have real time battling, Gambits, and menus on command only. This change is nice. I loved the straight turn-based combat for the older titles, but this new real time battling is fun.

I think the most glaring new thing that screams MMO to me, is the fact that you don’t farm Gil from monsters. You farm loot. Loot that you then sell to merchants and can sometimes open the ability to buy a bazaar item that gives you a good deal on some items. It is very different that you look at your bank account to see next to no Gil until you stop at a merchant to clear out the junk. Thank goodness we don’t have to deal with full bags in this game.

I will cover the story more next time, but for now I will say that the story is compelling and the characters rich and developing nicely. I look forward to finishing this game for the first time!

Episode 82

Well…Michelle has FINALLY seen Rogue One and we get her thoughts on the movie. We also talk through the recent Alpha V rocket launch, the Logan and Power Rangers trailers, and of course Michelle and Corey make fun of Pat a LOT! Check it out and leave a comment below with your thoughts!

Basement Fodder episode 147

Dave and I are back this week talking the box office failure of Underworld and the question, “Is streaming killing network tv and movie attendance?” Plus Kickstarters of the week and more! A fun show as always!

Episode 81

It’s time again for this week’s episode of Digital Nerdage! We cover the big news out of Nintendo about the new Switch console. Pat trolls Michelle about the age of the moon and so much more! Check it out and be sure to respond to the poll at the end of the episode!

Basement Fodder episode 146

Dave and I are back with a very rant heavy show. We talk Cyborg and the Justice League, Scarlet Spider, the Con collapse and more! A fun show as always.

Sin Sent to the Farplane


Oh my gosh….so much Blitzball. It has been so long since I played FFX the last time so I had forgotten just how many games of Blitzball I needed to play to get Wakka’a Celestial Weapon fully powered. I think I ended with a record of 49-2-4. It was crazy just how lopsided the games became once Tidus and Brother hit level 8 or so. It just became too easy and pretty tedious.

Speaking of tedious…dodging 200 lightning bolts in a ROW? What sadist came up with these tasks you need to complete in order to get the ultimate weapons for each character. The easiest being collecting monsters for the Calm Lands Arena, the hardest being a tie between every other task.

As I talked in my previous post, FFX is definitely pretty linear for the vast majority of the game. It is a straight line from Besaid to Zanarkand without much branching off until you have the airship. Once you do have the airship, you are able to traverse the world to get the best weapons, and the world opens up a bit. However, once you make the leap to finish the quest, you are right back on the rails on the path to Sin.

I enjoy the story that FFX tells and for most of the game, there is a decent challenge to the combat. However, once you acquire the Celestial Weapons and begin the trek inside Sin, the amount of AP (FFX’s version of XP used to move around the Sphere Grid) is so large that you are able to level up your stats to a degree that the game becomes trivial. Honestly, I was able to beat Seymour, Sin, and the Aeons with one or two turns using Yuna and Lulu casting Ultima and/or Holy. Each was hitting for 40-50k damage each cast.

I will say that I love the Sphere Grid leveling system. It is done in a great way that you can take the time to customize every character to at least some degree assuming you are willing to take the time to grind out the Lock Spheres you need to really take advantage of it.

Final fantasy X is still a great game and I enjoyed playing through the game once again. Tidus and Yuna’s relationship adds a great subtext to the story, even if Tidus is such a big crybaby…

Now for the real fun. FFXII and FFXIII are two games that I have never finished before. These will both be pretty cool to finally play through!