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Archives for : February2017

Basement Fodder episode 150!!!!

Dave and I are finally back after a two week hiatus with our 150th episode! I make an announcement about the state of my life, we talk the Jim & Dan comic and toy show from this past weekend, we preview the Lexington Toy & Comic Con and talk Kickstarters. We also go into heavy rant mode and pay tribute Bill Paxton and George “The Animal” Steele. A fun show as always!

HunnicOutcasts 2017 Ad One

Here’s the latest Ad.

The Thought/s and Opinion/s are that of the individual host/s. They do not reflect Hunnicoutcast/Skirt Productions.

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Episode 87

We are joined by ANOTHER one of the Bitches of Eastwick, Shawna Shepherd; writer of Super/Angela. We start by discussing the incredible announcement from NASA concerning the new planets found so near our own solar system. It then of course devolves into teasing Pat to no end.

Astro Radio Z/HunnicOutcasts Cross Over Night of the Living Deadsploitation

HunnicOutcasts Season III Part 2017

I go to guest on Astro Radio Z Episode 85 : Astro Radio Z/HunnicOutcasts Cross Over Night of the Living Deadsploitation

Where myself

Host Derrick Carey and


Discuss how not adding an copyright…can be more horrific than an Zombocalypse

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The Bitches of Eastwick – Episode 4

The Bitches are back and if you thought they’d have brought it down a notch this episode you’ll be sorely disappointed.

Much mayhem. Inappropriate af. The girls you love, at their most foul and best.

Episode 86

We are joined this week by our friend Nichi Hawkins of Headshrinker’s Press to talk about his Kickstarter for his new title Landslide!

In addition to talking about his Kickstarter, we discuss the future of The Batman after Ben Affleck stepped down from his directing chair and is even being rumored to be considering hanging up the Cowl too. We also discuss a heroic Tesla driver in Germany and the response from Elon Musk himself about the person’s actions. We then find our way to some fun talk about movies and TV.

Please take a listen and let us know what you think!

The Lego Batman Movie

HunnicOutcasts Season III Part 2017

Today is V-Day, and The Lego Batman Movie. Kinda Sorta made fun of the whole. Romance/Bromance Genera. This film had to be discussed with long time fan/FB/Twitter Friend Sean Koon.
@ Pittsberg Nerd Cast.…f=message_bubble

And Please Support his Charity…/?type=3&theater

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Bitches of Eastwick – Episode 3

The Bitches are back with the same amount of sanity they left you with two weeks ago. Will you ever recover from this auditory mayhem? Doubtful. Will you listen anyway? absolutely

Episode 85

We fawn over Bill Nye the Science Guy’s new Netflix series coming in April, we speculate on why Clerks 3 isn’t happening along with more Kevin Smith goodness, and just more of our regular shenanigans! All that and more on this episode of Digital Nerdage.

HunnicOutcasts GeekCast Radio Thin Man Part One Crossover

Season 3 Part 2017

Back in 2014 I guested on an Geekcast Radio Movie Week in Review Thin Man 80th Anniversary Series…Whew what an mouthful.
Join myself and TFG1 Mike as we discuss one the greatest Back and White Detective film series ever.

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