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About Us

Digital Nerdage is a podcast covering all things nerdy. From Firefly to Spiderman, Star Wars to Kingdom Hearts, The Big Two to Mr. Rhee, if it is nerdy we love it.

This podcast leapt from the brain of host and founder Pat Kawula as he watched the amazing nerdy creations all of his friends were bringing to life, with only their own marketing to promote these ventures. Pat felt that the time was right for some form of nerdy media to help more people see these awesome creations!

Because one guy spouting his opinions and just taking to air seemed to be the most boring thing in the world, Pat tapped his long time friend Corey to take the second chair and bring some life to the podcast. While they have been friends for years, they rarely agree and Corey hilariously insults Pat on a regular basis.

Over the years since Digital Nerdage was first created, the gang has started to offer news stories, gaming and music reviews, Kickstarters of the Week, and have even added another podcast to the family, The Mistresses of Mayhem & Chaos.

Mistress of Mayhem, Michelle, and the Mistress of Chaos, Crystal, are here for your indie comic news and entertainment. These two friends are delivering the goods when it comes to the indie comics scene and are a riot to listen to as they do it!

The folks at Digital Nerdage are passionate about promoting independent comic, book, and gaming creators but that doesn’t mean we don’t care about the big guys. We want to be your one stop shop for all your nerdy news and are taking steps to be that source! We are constantly striving to deliver on the promise that “We’ll talk nerdy to you.”

If you would like to suggest a crowdfunding project for our Kickstarter of the Week, a book, game, or some music for review please email us at