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Archives for : Death Becomes Her

Episode 15 – The Stone

After a long break, I return with insights on how going numb can help us survive, grief and the holidays, all the tiny goodbyes, time as a force of nature and the excruciating task of finding therapy. Thank you for listening

Episode 14 – Condolences, Culture and Cremains.

This episode I discuss the end of condolences and the gap it can create, popular culture vs grief and how grief may change your sensibilities, and what cremains are, what they look like, and what to expect in the event you have the need to open the urn. Thank you for listening.

Episode 13 – Science and Insensitivity

This episode, I discuss Donating your body to science and what that might entail and being informed before donation for the sake of your family. I also discuss Wakes and how it may benefit your loved ones to spend time with your corpse, and how it can benefit the living to prepare for death, instruments devised to speak to the dead, Insensitivity by the world at large and how it makes functioning difficult even when it is a rather small event, and how you can cycle through guilt and anger no matter how many times you’ve already faced those feelings. Thank you for your support and for listening.

Episode 12 – Apart

In this episode, I discuss the newly passed California Right to Die legislation, the difference between Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide, a feeling of being set apart from the world, Witnessing a death, the cost of dying in America, and the reiteration of knowledge as a cure for fear. Thank you for listening.

Episode 11 – Remember Me.

In this episode I talk about Pain and how it is not something that you can measure, A brief history of memorial objects through time, Preservation of Tattoos after death, more on death denial, grief in children and how grief can make you feel like you’re living your very own Groundhog Day. Thank you for listening.

Episode 10 – The End of the World

This journey has made it to episode 10, in which I discuss top regrets of the terminally ill, having a life plan and a death plan, A home death and some of the things you can legally do yourself for your loved one’s funerary preparations, and one of the more interesting ways you can donate your body to science. Thank you for listening.

Episode 9 – Memento Mori

This episode I discuss the concept of subconscious suicide, the difference between a memorial object and Memento Mori, a hospital death, Disney and death denial as well as more alternative burial options. Thank you for listening.

Episode 8 – The Crash

In this episode I discuss social security survivors benefits appointment proceedings and the relief and the depression that came after. I also discuss receiving mail in the name of your deceased loved one and options for how to discontinue it, more on organ donation, and the pitfalls of retirement benefits application processes

Episode 7 – Entropy

In this episode I discuss the process of applying for survivor’s benefits through Social Security and the necessary documents, The BEST and WORST things to say to someone who is grieving, EXPECTATIONS, Entropy, fragility and strength from adversity.

Episode 6 – Signs and Sisyphus

Welcome back for episode 6, where I discuss more on the difference between grief and mourning, personal and scientific searches for life after life and the Myth of Sisyphus