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Archives for : The Todd Files

The Todd Files episode 24.5: Mary Mercenary Cosplay!

Before our official relaunch, here’s a little minisode to wet your whistle for new content! I’m joined by the lovely and talented Mary Mercenary cosplay! We talk the end of the Hara Arena, the world of cosplay and the Girls of the Finest charity calendar campaign. A fun little show!–2#/

The Todd Files episode 24: Josh Dahl

This week i’m joined once again by the creator of the Rapid City series, Josh Dahl! We talk his unique new kickstarter, the plusses and perils of crowdfunding, proper comic con behavior and more!

Check out the Kickstarter here:

The Todd Files episode 23: William Tooker

This week i’m joined by writer of “Krush McNulty” and “Never send a Monster” William Tooker! We talk about the writing process, the wonderful world of 1950’s sci fi, horror icons and much more!

The Todd Files episode 22: Scott Schmidt

This week i’m joined by writer/creator of “Steele vs.”, Scott Schmidt! We discuss the RCMP, writing historical characters, the publishing process and more. Check out his kickstarter at

The Todd Files episode 21: Dirk Manning

This week i’m joined by author of “Write or Wrong” and creator of “Tales of Mr. RHEE”, the incomparable Dirk Manning! Dirk joined me live in the Basement of Doom to talk kickstarter success, interacting with fans and terrible pro wrestling. Big thanks to Dirk for once again taking the time to stop by and hang out with us.

The Todd Files episode 20: Frank Martin

This week i’m joined by Insane Comics writer Frank Martin. We discuss the finer points of scripting comics compared to film, choosing and working with artists, and his comic “Modern Testament: Volume 1”.

The Todd Files episode 19: James Mulholland

This week i’m joined all the way from Ireland by filmmaker and comic writer James Mulholland! We talk the Irish comic scene, translating comics to film and vice versa, his experiences writing in multiple genres and much more!

The Todd Files episode 18: Alethea

This week i’m joined by writer and artist of Insane Comics “Moonlit Dawn: A Mythical Tale”, Alethea! We talk about the process of turning a web comic into a paper comic, the influence of Anime and Manga on her work, Furry stories and more!

The Todd Files episode 17: David C. Hayes

This week i’m joined by actor, director, writer, producer and author of The Rot, David C. Hayes! We talk his adventures in horror movie making, his journey from film to comics and so much more! Check out his latest comic at

The Todd Files episode 16: Rodney Fyke

This week I sit down with artist and creator of “Peanut, Puddin’ & Jelly” Rodney Fyke! We talk the creation of his comic, re-entering the comic con scene after a long break and much much more!