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Episode 101


I am very sorry for the lateness on this episode. Cherry Capital Comic Con really threw my timing off something awful.

This episode is the live panel from C4 with the awesome Peyton Wich, who plays Troy the bully on the hit Netflix series Stranger Things. I was very lucky to meet this young man and have a great conversation with him and Derek Becker of Comic Pros and Cons about Peyton’s career so far and where it is going. There are also a couple really fun moments in there too!

Episode 100!


Holy Crap…we made it. Episode 100!!!! I never expected we would be able to do this and I can’t thank Corey and Michelle enough for putting up with me this long. I also can’t thank our listeners enough for sticking around. You all are so incredible. That said, this episode is live at the Steve Dillon Drink and Draw event at Cherry Capital Comic Con. There is a ton going on and unfortunately the internet connection was not stable enough to keep Michelle connected. Check out all the fun of Episode 100!

Episode 99

Pat is live at Motor City Comic Con to cover the event. We have the Wil Wheaton panel and a wrap up with Derek Becker of Comic Pros and Cons, Lins from Drunk on Comics and Mel joins in too!

Episode 98

Pat is live at Motor City Comic Con to cover the event. He takes some time to interview some awesome creators including Ben Goldsmith and Kayla Valerio of The Seance Room, Dan Dougherty of Beardo and Touching Evil and so many more incredible projects, and Julie Ahern of Greenbrier Games all out up with Pat long enough for an interview at the show.

Episode 97

Here it is. The LAST show where the three of us will be together before episode 100. We are happy to be joined by our very good friend Landon Faulkner of Headshrinker’s Press. He joins us to talk about his new comic Right on Time along with some smack talk concerning his metal karaoke match against Dirk Manning happening at Cherry Capital Comic Con. Apparently, the smack talk rang through the universe as we recorded because the Manning himself comes crashing in unexpectedly to defend himself. We get out of the way and let these two karaoke heavyweights duke it out like it is the Raw before Wrestlemania!

We close out the show with just Landon again and talk a bit about some news of the day like a certain DC artist making some wildly inappropriate comments, Tesla solar roofs going on sale, and Pat and Corey lose the other two’s interest by talking about the ransomware attack that hit a number of European hospitals.

Episode 96

Michelle and Pat are at it again with talk about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (Spoiler-free), Lego Saturn V rocket and the Lego Ideas program, Howie Noeldechen’s Kickstarter for Float and so much more!

Episode 95

Corey has returned and comes out of the gate swinging! He is understandably upset at the complete lack of marketing for Wonder Woman. We then go into our take on this article about the fifteen most overrated NES games with some remote help from our friend Noah, via email. We wrap it up laughing at the people that call Bill Nye JUST an engineer and not a scientist…

Episode 94

Michelle and Pat are back at it this week as Corey once again valued real life over podcasting. Pfft. Priorities and having a life. Meh. 😉

We talk a bit of Scar Wars(no that isn’t a typo), Elon Musk dating news, and so much more. Plus Michelle abuses Pat to the best of her ability as often as she can!

Episode 93

Our apologies for being M.I.A. last week but Pat had some commitments and we could not all hook up to get an episode together. HOWEVER, we are rewarding your patience with some incredible news this week! We are talking Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer, Elon Musk looking to create neural implants and a hyperloop in California, and the Superstar Shakeup on WWE television. Take a listen and let us know YOUR thoughts.

Episode 92


We are all here again! We talk through our fantasy casting for the new Batgirl movie that has been announced and being directed by Joss Whedon. We also talk about the implications of SpaceX’s reuse of one of their Falcon rockets for the first time. That and more on the latest episode!