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Archives for : The Mistresses of Mayhem & Chaos

Episode 24 – Jeff Brown

This episode, the Mistresses interview Artist and Author Jeff Brown.

This episode was recorded previous to the Mistresses’ current hiatus.
To all of our listeners, supporters and friends: Thank you for your kindness and understanding. We will return, we just dont know when that’ll be possible. Keep the faith. Love to you all.

Episode 23 – Shane Will

Shane Will is the artist and author behind Caliber and many other titles under the CK/Scattered comics label. We talk to him about being both artist and author, working digitally, Bringing comic books to kids in children’s hospitals and of course a heavy dose of SCIENCE.

Episode 22 – Bob Salley

Bob Bizzle Salley Miraculously agrees to join the Mistresses for a second helping of shenanigans where they talk GTA, Salvagers #3 hitting Comixology, the status of his awesomely successful Kickstarter for Salvagers #4 and Mario running wild with AI. BONUS: OUTTAKES

Outhousers Update- Interview with Bob Salley

11Hello everyone!

I had yet to actually make a post here, and I figured well, now would be just as good of time to start as any. For those of you that don’t know, I am one half of The Mistresses of Mayhem and Chaos Podcast- The Chaos, Crystal. Thankfully my partner in crime, Michelle, keeps me from going after too many shiny objects.

Today I am bringing you my latest work on The Outhousers. I write articles there, interviewing independent comic creators underneath one of my many aliases, “The Indie Huntress.” I’ll be posting some of the articles here as well for you folks to enjoy.

Bob Salley has appeared on our show twice now, to speak about his creation, “Salvagers”. Salvagers can be best described as a Scifi fans’ dream, as it takes heavy influences from some of the greats, adding in it’s own personal flair. I’d highly recommend this comic to anyone that is a fan of the genre.

You can read the interview here, also included are links to the podcast he was on, as well as links to two of his teammates Ruben Romero and Jason Sparich. Enjoy!

Bob’s Interview

Episode 21 – Kendra Hale

This episode, the Mistresses are joined by the lady of All Hale Studios, Kendra Hale! We talk about her various projects, podcasing, Con experiences, Cosplaying, and the strange lights on Ceres! Don’t miss this engaging episode!

Episode 20 – Victor Dandridge Jr.

The Mistresses get their claws into THE HARDEST WORKING MAN IN COMICS: Victor Dandridge Jr. We talk his impressive catalog of comics, his amazingly successful kickstarter, EXCLUSIVE INFO on upcoming projects, U Cre-8 Comics, SCIENCE! and much, much more. Be captivated and then go buy some comics!

Episode 19 – Jason Ford

Jason Ford of The Womb Mates and The Servant join the Mistresses for an episode packed with laughs. We talk shop about podcasting and also about Jason’s indie comic project The Servant. Topics on self publishing, podcasting perils and also some SCIENCE BITCH! Tune in or miss out!

Episode 18 – Rob Humphery

The Mistresses are joined by the auditory chocolate frosting that is Rob Humphery. They discuss beers and boats, broken souls, working in retail and they eventually make their way around to Rob’s online opus Punching The Clock. They also talk about ownership of celestial objects. Tune in and try not to be mesmerized

Episode 17 – Paul Halpern

The Mistresses interview Paul Halpern Ph.D for an amazing episode discussing Physics, History, and the History of Physics. Centering on Dr. Halpern’s Latest book Einstein’s Dice and Scrödinger’s Cat: How Two Great Minds Battled Quantum Randomness to Create a Unified Theory of Physics. In the book, Halpern deftly weaves science fact with history and he does so again in this engaging, informative and entertaining interview. Tune in or miss out!!

Episode 16 – Jason Sparich

The Mistresses are joined by Jason Sparich, Co-Creator of Jasper’s Starlight Tavern! We have a fun time discussing how a lifelong friendship and interesting teaching techniques led to the collaboration for Jasper’s Starlight Tavern, upcoming convention appearances with Jason and Bob Salley of Salvagers fame, Jason’s exciting future projects, as well as the viability of life on GODZILLA PLANET. Tune in or Miss out!