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Episode 94

Michelle and Pat are back at it this week as Corey once again valued real life over podcasting. Pfft. Priorities and having a life. Meh. 😉

We talk a bit of Scar Wars(no that isn’t a typo), Elon Musk dating news, and so much more. Plus Michelle abuses Pat to the best of her ability as often as she can!

Basement Fodder Episode 153

Dave and I are joined this week my the creator of “Hotshot” and our good friend, Michael Watson! Michael talks gives his perspective on his time with Legacy Rising Publications and how that time came to an end. We also talk Freestyle Comics and the future of the Hotshotverse. *I’d like to stress that this is not a burial of anyone or company, this is one mans chance to speak his mind in an open forum*

Basement Fodder Episode 152

Dave and I are back talking the Columbus Toy Show, SPACE indie comics show and more! A fun show as always! *we had a little audio issue, but its all still listenable*

Episode 92


We are all here again! We talk through our fantasy casting for the new Batgirl movie that has been announced and being directed by Joss Whedon. We also talk about the implications of SpaceX’s reuse of one of their Falcon rockets for the first time. That and more on the latest episode!

Basement Fodder episode 151

Dave and I are finally back talking our trip to the Lexington Comic and Toy show! We talk celebrity interactions, the Con experience, amazing local comic shops and more! A fun show as always.

Bitches of Eastwick – Episode 7

Butts and a bunch of crazy from your lovely ladies this week as we are joined by friend of the show Amanda for more WTF news and NSFW views.


Episode 91


Pat and Michelle are on their own this week and Elon Musk only gets mentioned ONCE! It is a very off the cuff episode and can only truly be appreciated by listening! Check out some EA news, our friends, and more!

Bitches of Eastwick – Episode 6

Many a topic is explored on this amazing episode where the bitches are joined by one of Shawna’s best friends, Bre. Tattoos in taboo areas, just how lowbrow we sound to a more refined listener, and Shawna and Chrissy’s  experience at Fantasticon, Toledo. Stay tuned after the episode for creator interviews taken by Chrissy at Fantasticon with the following amazing folks:

Dan Dougherty, Dork Dirk Manning, Erick Guiterrez, John Marroquin, Kasey Pierce and Tony Miello.


Thanks again for tuning in!

Episode 90

We are missing Michelle this week and that makes us very sad. 🙁 However, the show must go on. Pat and Corey go into a few topics that would make Michelle spend the entire time in meme-land. They talk a little more in depth about Horizon: Zero Dawn and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They also talk about the longest five minutes in all of anime and more about Dragonball Z as Pat is re-watching the series in preparation for catching up on Dragonball Super. A bit of talk on the Switch and Nintendo’s production issues (protip: listen to the show for some hints on when and where you can find a Switch SOON!) and then they wrap the show with their thoughts on the Road to Wrestlemania so far!

Please hit us up in the comments to let us know what you think!

Episode 89


Michelle and Pat are joined once again by Shawna Shepherd who is cover for Corey due to a miscommunication by Pat. We talk about Facebook’s new attempt to be Snapchat with creepy ass results, Elon Musk offers a 100 day money back guarantee, and Michelle falls out of a chair!