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Punching The Clock #33 – Jeff Odinson

Archived Post: Originally Posted on 4/10/2012

Verily, the Odinson doth take issue with Alan’s attitude. It seems that Ryan and Alan have unwittingly unleashed Jeff’s inner fury here. Wonder how that’s going to work out for them?

Sales contests are like participating in the Hunger Games… you want to help your friends out, but ultimately you know you’re going to have to stab everyone else involved (figuratively, literally… your choice) in order to claim victory… all while the powers that be just sit back and enjoy the show. Let’s be honest here, both are about keeping control over the masses while furthering the agenda of those in power. But anyway…

Alan is a jerk, isn’t he? Every workplace has someone just like this, though. If you can’t figure out who it is at your job, then it’s probably you. If so, cut it out. Your co-workers want to maim you. Geez, today’s blog post has dark and violent undertones…

And on that note-

Anyone else excited for Avengers?


Punching The Clock #32 – This Guy… Again

Archived Post: Originally Posted on 4/8/2012

What’s his deal? You think he would have figured it out by now.

Don’t get the joke? Try checking out Strip #13.

Happy Easter!


Punching The Clock #31 – Sidekicked

Archived Post: Originally Posted on 4/1/2012

Working a crappy job is made infinitely worse when you get stuck working a shift without your friends being there… just sayin’. The first order of business for every shift is to check the schedule to see which of the cool employees are working with you.

Priorities, folks. It’s the little things that keep you from going dangerously violent at work.

For the record, if you’ve ever had this discussion among your nerdy counterparts, and YOU’RE the one who brought it up, then you’re probably Robin. Nobody EVER sees themselves as the sidekick. Everyone wants to be Batman, and with good reason: Batman kicks ass.

It’s hard to accept the role of subordinate nerd among your peers. Next time this argument arises, quickly diffuse the situation by adding another hero into the mix. Example: “Robin? I’ve always seen us as equals… more like a Superman/Batman ‘World’s Finest’ pairing.” This immediately takes the pressure off someone being dubbed the sidekick. Now you just get to fight over who is more of a badass. (Hint: we’re nerds. NONE of us are badasses.)

To close, I want to thank ALL of you for checking us out each and every week, and for all of the votes nominating us for the 2012 Comics Buyers Guide Fan Awards! As a result, we’ve made the short list of finalists for “Favorite Webcomic”. You can check out the entire list of nominees, in all categories, here: Voting ends May 31st, so be sure to cast your vote (ONLY ONE VOTE PER PERSON) and share with your friends (Hopefully, they’ll vote for us, too!). Links to the voting ballot can be found on CBG’s website, in our right sidebar here on the PTC homepage, and in the blog post below as well.

Also, since we’re on the topic… I’m Batman.


Punching The Clock #30 – Take Charge

Archived Post: Originally Posted on 3/27/2012

Damn you Jedi Mind Trick… you never work when I need you to.

Do you guys suppose that Jeff set Ryan up here, or that he honestly gets the mind trick to work on people? Maybe Ryan just can’t pull off the swagger like Jeff does…

Yes, I just said “swagger”.

A special thanks to all who purchased the first round of Punching The Clock shirts- we’ve sold completely through on our initial run! Fear not, however, as we may be doing another production run very soon! Stay tuned to our Facebook page for details! Also, get a few friends to “like” the page as well- we’re sitting at 181 fans right now, and would like to break 200!

Wait, lemme try the mind trick out… You WILL “like” our Facebook page. You WILL order merchandise from us.

Did it work? Can I retire from my riches and popularity now?

Damn Jedi Mind Trick…


Punching The Clock #29 – Exit Through The… Er… Exit

Archived Post: Originally Posted on 3/20/2012

People don’t read signs. Ever. If they ever looked up from their phones or even just payed attention in general, questions like “where’s your restroom?” and “where do I checkout?” would occur 90% less frequently.

I would think that people wouldn’t walk face first into doors clearly marked “exit”, either.

The next time you’re in a store, take a close look to see if there are smear marks at about face level on the door. Chances are, they’ll be there… and you can laugh at other people’s misery, just like Jeff. I won’t judge you. It will be our little secret.

Now that I’ve turned you into a horrible person, head on over to Facebook and make your friends horrible people, too. All you have to do is get them to read Punching the Clock, and “Like” our FB page. They’ll thank you for it! Ok, they may not actually “thank” you, but we will certainly appreciate it.

At least I didn’t have Jeff turn off the automatic door so everyone walks into it. Now THAT’S a dick move…


Punching The Clock #28 – 3…2…1… Launch

Archived Post: Originally Posted on 3/16/2012

Happy New iPad Launch Day! Just make sure you don’t call it “iPad 3″… Apple reps everywhere are correcting store employees and the general public whenever they hear their new cash cow called by the “improper” name.

I love Apple’s business plan… slightly revamp the current product, give it a pretentious new name, make tech junkies and coffee shop hipsters believe that if they don’t upgrade they won’t be as cutting edge as they want to be, then profit. It’s an amazing process to watch, really… and people eat it up.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the iPad is cool- I just don’t think I need to buy a new one every year when the majority of what I do with it is check Facebook and play Angry Birds. Admit it- that’s all you’re using it for, too!

I’m off to stand in line for a pub crawl, since everyone else is standing in line for iPads…


Punching The Clock #27 – Shirt Quest

Archived Post: Originally Posted on 3/13/2012

I’ve been wanting write this one for a while… I’ve always had it in my head that we would be doing a spoof on the medal scene from the original Star Wars at some point in the run. It just seemed fitting to do it now.

This week’s comic was fun and challenging for me, since it always seems that Jeff gets all the best lines. Note that he is not in this one until the dream sequence. I forced myself to really give Ryan a spotlight… the original script had Jeff talking, right from the get-go in panel 1; the end product is a great example of what happens when I’m not happy with something and COMPLETELY re-write what I’m working on from a different perspective.

Also, that new guy Alan seems like a bit of a doucher… he’s all like “Look at me, I got my uniform!” What guys like Alan seem to always leave out is just HOW they “earn” any of the things they brag about; in this case being an opportunistic, over-achieving, butt-kissing weenie. Wonder how far HE would’ve made it under Vader’s thumb? We’ve all worked with an “Alan” before, right? It seems that our heroes may have a new common enemy…

Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi… you’re my only hope.


Punching The Clock #26 – Full Moon Fever

Archived Post: Originally Posted on 03/6/2012

It’s true. The strangest people come out and shop during a full moon. Anything goes. If you work during a full moon, you should not be surprised at ANYTHING that walks through the front door.

Today’s strip features our second Seasonal Employment Contest winner, Joe Ritchie. Joe’s request was that we make him creepy, so today’s topic was an obvious choice for him to be involved with.

For those that don’t know Joe, he is the main man over at Evernight Entertainment- and the man behind the frightening Grimfell Asylum haunted attraction that runs during the fall/Halloween season in Traverse City. The things you experience in the asylum, and at this year’s Pandemonium attraction, will haunt your nightmares for weeks! Head over to or their FB page ( for more info!

As for me, I’ll have the nightmares of full moon patrons to keep me awake for the next few nights.


Punching The Clock #25 – Welcome To Thunderdome

Archived Post: Originally Posted on 02/28/2012

Yes, I made a Mad Max reference. Yes, it’s from Beyond Thunderdome. Stop yer judging.

Do you guys realize that this is the 25th installment of the comic? Time flies, huh?

Jeff and I have seen a lot of success recently with this comic, so much that we are humbled to have such a dedicated fan base. Thank you all for sharing, and stopping by each week to see what we’ve concocted.

There is a lot of cool stuff on the horizon for Punching the Clock- including some bonus strips, prints, contests, and an appearance at Cherry Capital Con over Memorial Day Weekend! Stay tuned to our Facebook page for additional announcements and behind the scenes stuff!

In other news, Manley is about to start an epic journey with his family- they have issued themselves a 30-day challenge, in which they are cutting out TV completely and limiting themselves to 1 hour a day on the internet. Jeff will be documenting the event with a new comic strip akin to his Manley Days series, and promises that he will produce more PTC and Terrorbads than Meeuwes and I are able to handle. Everybody wish them luck on their quest!

As for me, I’m an internet addict. I get the shakes when I’m disconnected. See you at my next fix!


Punching The Clock #24 – Ice Planet

Archived Post: Originally Posted on 02/21/2012

Man, I really REALLY wanted to save this one for a snowy, blizzard-like day. I’ve been waiting for the right day to post this since we launched the website. Today, it seems, is that day.

I guess I figure that its probably snowing SOMEWHERE.

That, and it feels like Hoth at my house right now since my furnace died a horrible, violent death yesterday.

In case you guys missed it, we made the front page of Failblog’s M thru F site this past week- I can’t begin to tell you how jazzed I am about that! If you linked to us through Failblog, welcome! Thanks for taking the time to check out our comic! Be sure to hit up our fanpage over on Facebook for all sorts of fun- like concept art, contests, and random stuff that Jeff and I post on a whim!

Also, for anyone who still wants to order a PTC shirt: Pre-orders will be ending this Friday, so get yours in by then. Orders can be done through our merch store (found under the “Employee Discount” tab at the top of the webpage).

That’s it for this week! I’ll be crawling inside of my Tauntaun now to keep myself warm.