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Punching The Clock #39 – My Little Brony

Archived Post: Originally Posted on 5/8/2012

Bronies. Just what is a “Brony”, you ask? A “Brony” is a term coined for a guy (or a “bro” in this instance) that watches, enjoys and participates in the fan following for the animated My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic TV show.

Yes, my friends, this is a real thing… and they are out there.


Don’t believe me? Behold, Wikipedia:

Look under the “Internet Following” section of the post. They even have a convention dedicated to it!!!


Ah, the horrors that the internet hath wrought upon us.

A brief shout out to all of our friends and fans that stopped out at Top Comics this past Saturday for Free Comic Book Day- we appreciate you coming by and supporting us! Jeff sketched like a madman all day, and I ate doughnuts like they were going out of style. Next stop: Cherry Capital Con, May 25-27! We’ll be on hand with prints, buttons, PINT GLASSES (yes, you read that right… PTC Pint Glasses) and copies of our first collected edition: Punching the Clock- Volume 1: Training Daze. Stop on out, pick up some swag, and share your retail horror stories with us!

Freakin’ Bronies…



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