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Our Friends

First off, we would like to thank EVERYONE that has made this possible. Without the support of our wonderful and understanding wives, this venture would never  have been possible in the first place. Pat’s wife Rorie has allowed their home to be invaded by groups of nerds on more than a few occasions to put this out. She has also taken care of their daughter on those nights when recording is occurring! In addition to Pat’s understanding wife, Corey’s wife Tara is equally understanding and also AMAZINGLY talented. Tara has been so kind to lend her talents as a graphic designer to our logo AND our banner. Without these two wonderful ladies, Digital Nerdage would never have been possible. Speaking of Digital Nerdage, a special shout out needs to go out to Jeremy Metcalf who had the brain wave to come up with the name we still use today. It was a crazy brainstorming session that birthed the title of this podcast. Thank you all!

Layman Radio

Whether it’s music or talk radio, you will want to bookmark Laymanradio to your browser. Laymanradio brings to you interesting topics that are important to you, music that will get you through the day, highlights of some of the newest Indie bands and a list of events that are going on. It is just a finger click away, so what are you waiting for? Jump in and join the fun with the Laymanradio family.

Punching The Clock

Welcome to the Buy Lots, home of Punching the Clock- a weekly series based on the adventures of our very own employees in the wonderful world of retail sales! The Buy Lots brand spans over 1500 stores in the US alone- and hundreds more all around the world! During your employment here, you may have questions about the company, a specific policy, or even what to do when unexpected “customer situations” arise. Fear not! Feel free to use this site as a resource for all of your needs. Check your punches, view employee files and use your employee discount all by linking through the provided tabs. You may also check your archived punches via the “Availability” link. For your convenience, this site will be updated on a weekly basis, with new content every Tuesday.If you have questions beyond what is found here, be sure to submit a request via the “Contact HR” link- a representative will work diligently to resolve any issue you may have, but will more than likely ignore your request at their earliest convenience.Once again, Welcome aboard! We’re obsessed with delivering the high quality Buy Lots experience to our customers AND employees, and now you are a part of that experience! We know you’ll do just fine, because you really have no choice. We own you now.

Two For One Comics

Believing that community is the key to creative success, Mark and Sherief founded the website TwoForOneComics where they bring together like-minded creators and give them a place to showcase and promote their work.

The Gamer’s Dome

The Gamer’s Dome delves well into the world of gaming, giving you weekly news, information, and commentary about what’s new and what’s changed.

The host, Scott Gerhardt, has been an avid gamer his whole life. After winning numerous video game competitions as a child, he moved on to his adult years to become a professional Magic:The Gathering player among other games since 1996. He’s worked in and out of the media since 1997 working for a number of different websites and magazine publications. From 2000-2008 he owned his own local chain of game stores selling every type of game imaginable. He has been a World of Warcraft player since 2006 and plays a number of different games of all shapes and sizes weekly.

The Naturals

Dirk Manning

Dirk Manning is the writer/creator of NIGHTMARE WORLD and TALES OF MR. RHEE for Image Comics/Shadowline, the author of the column WRITE OR WRONG for, and the co-creator of FARSEEKER (with artist Len O’Grady) for He loves life but hates Ninjas. Cthulhu is his homeboy.

Side Quest Comic

Side Quest Comic is an online comic created by Travis Bramble and Louis Dobry. It is published once a week, on Monday. The characters, Jarv and Paulie, are loosely based on the real life stories and antics of the creators. Although based on real people, with every comic, the creators hope to push the characters on a parallel and stylized path rather than a mirror image of their real life inspiration.

Killustration Studios

The artwork of Tyler and Sara Sowles

Tyler graduated from Kendall College of Art and Design in 2009. Specializing in character and monster design, has been published in G-Fan magazine as a guest Illustrator and is a regularly published columnist and illustrator in The Daily News (Greenville, MI) Free Time Entertainment Guide and The Buzz – distributions totaling over 20,000. Tyler is currently working on a variety of comic book pitches with various writers; taking on the role of penciler, inker and (in some cases) co-creator.

Sara graduated from Kendall College of Art and Design in 2007 with honors and has a Bachelors of Fine Art: Illustration, and a minor in a Photography. She has a varied work background including graphic design, Costume design, sales, and marketing industries. Over a year of experience in fast paced, deadline oriented newspaper industry and in the feature film industy. Sara manages Killustration Studios and orchestrates all of the event appearances and business details, as well as being the digital painter, letterer and graphic artist.

Rocket Ink Studios

Rocket Ink Studios was founded in 2012 by Bill Pulkovski and Tony Miello. Our base of operations is in the Detroit area of Michigan. Individually we’ve provided licensed illustration and design work to the industry for years. Our group of creatives have provided licensed work on such hot properties as Star Wars, Marvel, DC, The NHL, Universal Monsters, Paramount Pictures and many more! Now we plan on providing top notch services and quality products to the industry for years to come!

Welcome to Nerdom

One of our favorite Facebook pages. Karmin and her team of dedicated nerds not only spark great conversation and post hilarious nerdy content, they are more than willing to help promote any and all other nerdy content! Check them out at the link and tell ’em we sent you!

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