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Punching The Clock #38 – Best Weekend Ever

Archived Post: Originally Posted on 5/5/2012

Happy Free Comic Book Day!!!

Jeff and I will be at Traverse City’s Top Comics all day today, where Jeff will be doing free sketches all day! Come on out and see us! We’ll have PTCbuttons and a print of today’s comic for sale!

Make sure to support your local comic book shop today and hit up free comic book day- bring a friend who doesn’t read comics, and try and find something they’ll like- for free! Lots of good stuff out today; can’t wait to get my hands on the Archaia Hardcover!

Oh yeah, one last thing- we saw Avengers last night, and it was AMAZING!!! Go check it out! Marvel NAILED IT. The absolute, perfect Marvel movie!!!

That’s it for today! Happy FCBD 2012!