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Punching The Clock #34 – A Taxing Discussion

Archived Post: Originally Posted on 4/15/2012

Happy Tax Day… sort of. Since today is technically April 15th, the day that taxes are traditionally due to the IRS, I thought that we would make light of those who blow their check on ridiculous stuff. “Hey, my house needs to have that black mold removed… and Billy sure could use some new school clothes… and this doctor bill isn’t gonna pay itself… oh Hell, let’s spend our tax return on a bronze statue of Will Ferrell for the front yard.”

Don’t think I’m judging you, either… I’m just as guilty. My statue is of Woody Allen.

You know what would be great, and won’t cost you a single cent of your tax return? Voting for us in the “Favorite Webcomic” category over at the 2012 CBG Fan Awards. Remember, only vote once; here:

Please and Thank you. Be sure to check back on Tuesday for your regular installment of PTC.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled money spending.