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Punching The Clock BONUS: Gotta Help ‘Em All

Hello Again!

Welcome to our SECOND new strip of the day- celebrating Black Friday, Punching The Clock’s birthday, and our NEW HOME, here on Digital Nerdage! You’ll find that the bulk of the Volume 1 strips have been archived here for your reading enjoyment. In the coming weeks, the remaining volumes will follow along with bonus strips, pin-ups, and more!

Rob’s strip focuses a little bit more on what happens- at least, when you are Jeff- when you have left the world of retail and begin to become oblivious to the calendar. We also whip a little bit of Pokemon humor in there- THE HUNT FOR DITTO IS ON!!!

I actually caught mine the other day, but I know many folks have not been as lucky.

To set the tone: Jeff is blissfully unaware of his surroundings, and Ryan is buried in Black Friday madness at Spendco. Just like the old days… sort of. Have a great day, friends, and be sure to spread the word about our new digs here at the Nerdcave- we already feel nice and cozy!

Stay Nerdy, My Friends!


Punching The Clock BONUS: 3 AM Somewhere

Greetings and Salutations!

Welcome to Black Friday 2016- we hope you are surviving it well. Gird yourself for the oncoming battle that is the weekend- today is merely the initial onslaught! The enemy will strike fast, and strike hard! They will attempt to wear you down! They will break against our defenses! I sure am glad we made them pay for that wall… I kid, I kid- stay steadfast, friends! It will be over soon!

In honor of Black Friday, Punching the Clock‘s birthday, and to celebrate our NEW HOME here on Digital Nerdage, Jeff and I have conspired to bring you not ONE, but TWO brand-spankin’ NEW Punching the Clock comics today!

This first strip was written by Jeff, and celebrates that awkward moment when you don’t have to work on Black Friday but still get up at 3 AM in order to binge watch the Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Because, why not? Its not like you have to work today, right?

Once you’ve finished up here, click through to the next comic for yet ANOTHER new strip- written by Rob.

Thanks for celebrating our new home with us!


Punching The Clock #38 – Best Weekend Ever

Archived Post: Originally Posted on 5/5/2012

Happy Free Comic Book Day!!!

Jeff and I will be at Traverse City’s Top Comics all day today, where Jeff will be doing free sketches all day! Come on out and see us! We’ll have PTCbuttons and a print of today’s comic for sale!

Make sure to support your local comic book shop today and hit up free comic book day- bring a friend who doesn’t read comics, and try and find something they’ll like- for free! Lots of good stuff out today; can’t wait to get my hands on the Archaia Hardcover!

Oh yeah, one last thing- we saw Avengers last night, and it was AMAZING!!! Go check it out! Marvel NAILED IT. The absolute, perfect Marvel movie!!!

That’s it for today! Happy FCBD 2012!


Punching The Clock #31 – Sidekicked

Archived Post: Originally Posted on 4/1/2012

Working a crappy job is made infinitely worse when you get stuck working a shift without your friends being there… just sayin’. The first order of business for every shift is to check the schedule to see which of the cool employees are working with you.

Priorities, folks. It’s the little things that keep you from going dangerously violent at work.

For the record, if you’ve ever had this discussion among your nerdy counterparts, and YOU’RE the one who brought it up, then you’re probably Robin. Nobody EVER sees themselves as the sidekick. Everyone wants to be Batman, and with good reason: Batman kicks ass.

It’s hard to accept the role of subordinate nerd among your peers. Next time this argument arises, quickly diffuse the situation by adding another hero into the mix. Example: “Robin? I’ve always seen us as equals… more like a Superman/Batman ‘World’s Finest’ pairing.” This immediately takes the pressure off someone being dubbed the sidekick. Now you just get to fight over who is more of a badass. (Hint: we’re nerds. NONE of us are badasses.)

To close, I want to thank ALL of you for checking us out each and every week, and for all of the votes nominating us for the 2012 Comics Buyers Guide Fan Awards! As a result, we’ve made the short list of finalists for “Favorite Webcomic”. You can check out the entire list of nominees, in all categories, here: Voting ends May 31st, so be sure to cast your vote (ONLY ONE VOTE PER PERSON) and share with your friends (Hopefully, they’ll vote for us, too!). Links to the voting ballot can be found on CBG’s website, in our right sidebar here on the PTC homepage, and in the blog post below as well.

Also, since we’re on the topic… I’m Batman.