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Punching The Clock BONUS: 3 AM Somewhere

Greetings and Salutations!

Welcome to Black Friday 2016- we hope you are surviving it well. Gird yourself for the oncoming battle that is the weekend- today is merely the initial onslaught! The enemy will strike fast, and strike hard! They will attempt to wear you down! They will break against our defenses! I sure am glad we made them pay for that wall… I kid, I kid- stay steadfast, friends! It will be over soon!

In honor of Black Friday, Punching the Clock‘s birthday, and to celebrate our NEW HOME here on Digital Nerdage, Jeff and I have conspired to bring you not ONE, but TWO brand-spankin’ NEW Punching the Clock comics today!

This first strip was written by Jeff, and celebrates that awkward moment when you don’t┬áhave to work on Black Friday but still get up at 3 AM in order to binge watch the Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Because, why not? Its not like you have to work today, right?

Once you’ve finished up here, click through to the next comic for yet ANOTHER new strip- written by Rob.

Thanks for celebrating our new home with us!