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Punching The Clock #38 – Best Weekend Ever

Archived Post: Originally Posted on 5/5/2012

Happy Free Comic Book Day!!!

Jeff and I will be at Traverse City’s Top Comics all day today, where Jeff will be doing free sketches all day! Come on out and see us! We’ll have PTCbuttons and a print of today’s comic for sale!

Make sure to support your local comic book shop today and hit up free comic book day- bring a friend who doesn’t read comics, and try and find something they’ll like- for free! Lots of good stuff out today; can’t wait to get my hands on the Archaia Hardcover!

Oh yeah, one last thing- we saw Avengers last night, and it was AMAZING!!! Go check it out! Marvel NAILED IT. The absolute, perfect Marvel movie!!!

That’s it for today! Happy FCBD 2012!


Punching The Clock #32 – This Guy… Again

Archived Post: Originally Posted on 4/8/2012

What’s his deal? You think he would have figured it out by now.

Don’t get the joke? Try checking out Strip #13.

Happy Easter!


Punching The Clock #23 – In The Zone

Archived Post: Originally Posted on 2/14/2012

Happy Unrequited Love Day!

Ryan learns a valuable lesson today: don’t get interested in people you work with. It never works out the way you think it will. Every now and then, some freak workplace couples make a go of it, but those results are uncommon. Usually, it crashes and burns in a horrific fiery train wreck, with all of your co-workers there to witness the horror.

In other news, I’ve come down with a head cold that has me wanting to bore holes into my skull to relieve the pressure.

Oh, yeah- I should mention that today marks the 1st appearance of friend-of-the-comic Kayla McGee in PTC. See, Kayla saw all the fun that Pat had a few weeks ago when he guest-starred in his strip, and she threw the gauntlet down for us to have a female character (using her likeness, of course) involved in our weekly bit of madness. I challenged her to get us 10 “Likes” over the course of a week on our Facebook page, with an appearance as her reward. She responded by clocking in 24 in less than a day. Quite possibly the best display of shameless self-promoting I’ve ever seen! And trust me, I know ALL about shameless self-promotion! Thanks for the assist, Kayla!

See kids? I bought us some popularity… just like when I was in high school! But seriously, I’m easily bribed.

With that, I’m off to see a man about a cordless drill…


Punching The Clock #15 – Happy New Year

Archived Post: Originally Posted on 12/31/2011

Happy New Year Everyone!

No matter what your plans are tonight, please be sure to be safe out there… we can’t afford to lose any readership because of poor life choices!

Thank you all so much for supporting us throughout the end of 2011; Jeff and I work very hard to bring a quality comic to life each week, and we appreciate every single person who takes the time to check out our work. 2012 has a lot in store for Punching the Clock, so be sure to keep checking back to see whats up.

Speaking of things that are new, we have buttons in stock RIGHT NOW! Wanna see what they look like? Wanna order some? There are 5 different styles to choose from, and full sets are available. Prices are posted with each picture, be sure to email to place an order! Check them out here:

See you all in 2012!

May all your resolutions include sharing Punching the Clock with more friends…


Punching The Clock #14 – Picking It Clean

Archived Post: Originally Posted on 12/27/2011

Black Friday is crazy busy. Holiday returns suck. However, nothing will prepare you for your first taste of post-holiday clearance scavenging.

I think the reason its worse than Black Friday is because the store is just as busy when the doors open, people are still pissed when you run out of stuff, but at this point they have had every last ounce of holiday spirit and good will squeezed out of them.

Not only do people buy clearance Christmas decorations like they’re going out of style, but they will literally fist fight over who gets the last lighted grapevine reindeer. I guess its like my good friend Jeff says- “Something that I think looks stupid at full price becomes tempting at half off, a good deal at 75% off, and something I can’t live without at 90% off.”

I will be announcing the winners of the Seasonal Employment contest next Tuesday; be sure to stop back to find out if you’ve won! Also, check back on New Year’s Eve for yet another holiday-inspired edition of Punching the Clock! After the new year, we will be back on our regular Tuesday update schedule again… gotta give Manley a break from all this fancy drawing some time, I guess!

I’m off to buy some $.25 garland and leftover Reese’s Trees!


Punching The Clock #13 – Batteries Not Included

Archived Post: Originally Posted on 12/25/2011

Since the dawn of battery operated toys, there is always one guy, every Christmas, who neglects the fact that his kid’s newest gadget will not work without batteries. Don’t be that guy.

The thing that makes me laugh most at this is the fact that most stores berate consumers with an attack of upsells, like asking if you need batteries while checking out at the register. And, like most people, this guy probably completely shut down as soon as the cashier started asking him questions beyond “paper or plastic”. The irony here is that he ACTUALLY NEEDED the items that the cashier tried to sell him on.

Irony is a cruel bitch.

Merry Christmas To All,


Punching The Clock #12 – Frosty The Lawn Ornament

Archived Post: Originally Posted on 12/24/2011

Frosty the lawn ornament/had a creepy plastic soul/with his fake coal eyes and his carrot nose/and his parts scattered all over the Buy Lots sales floor because he looked at Jeff the wrong way…

Yes, I am aware it doesn’t rhyme. I write comics-  not songs, dammit!

The Holiday season has been rough on our grizzled hero, has it not? I fully believe that Frosty had it coming. He just sat there, all season… plotting. Sure, he looks innocent enough, but behind those lifeless eyes lies a soul of evil… EVIL, I SAY!!!

Plastic lawn ornaments be damned.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season… regardless of which holiday you are celebrating. For the record, Jeff celebrates Festivus- you can tell because he just aired his grievances all over Frosty’s face.

With that, I bid you a fond farewell for now. Stop back tomorrow for a very special message from those of us at Punching the Clock… It involves yet another new strip, and last minute shoppers.

Good luck with your last few hours of shopping… you’re gonna need it!!!