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Punching The Clock BONUS: Gotta Help ‘Em All

Hello Again!

Welcome to our SECOND new strip of the day- celebrating Black Friday, Punching The Clock’s birthday, and our NEW HOME, here on Digital Nerdage! You’ll find that the bulk of the Volume 1 strips have been archived here for your reading enjoyment. In the coming weeks, the remaining volumes will follow along with bonus strips, pin-ups, and more!

Rob’s strip focuses a little bit more on what happens- at least, when you are Jeff- when you have left the world of retail and begin to become oblivious to the calendar. We also whip a little bit of Pokemon humor in there- THE HUNT FOR DITTO IS ON!!!

I actually caught mine the other day, but I know many folks have not been as lucky.

To set the tone: Jeff is blissfully unaware of his surroundings, and Ryan is buried in Black Friday madness at Spendco. Just like the old days… sort of. Have a great day, friends, and be sure to spread the word about our new digs here at the Nerdcave- we already feel nice and cozy!

Stay Nerdy, My Friends!


Punching The Clock BONUS: 3 AM Somewhere

Greetings and Salutations!

Welcome to Black Friday 2016- we hope you are surviving it well. Gird yourself for the oncoming battle that is the weekend- today is merely the initial onslaught! The enemy will strike fast, and strike hard! They will attempt to wear you down! They will break against our defenses! I sure am glad we made them pay for that wall… I kid, I kid- stay steadfast, friends! It will be over soon!

In honor of Black Friday, Punching the Clock‘s birthday, and to celebrate our NEW HOME here on Digital Nerdage, Jeff and I have conspired to bring you not ONE, but TWO brand-spankin’ NEW Punching the Clock comics today!

This first strip was written by Jeff, and celebrates that awkward moment when you don’t have to work on Black Friday but still get up at 3 AM in order to binge watch the Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Because, why not? Its not like you have to work today, right?

Once you’ve finished up here, click through to the next comic for yet ANOTHER new strip- written by Rob.

Thanks for celebrating our new home with us!


Punching The Clock #40 – Staying In Wonderland

Archived Post: Originally Posted on 5/15/2012

Ryan’s made it this far… will he eventually regret his decision to work at Buy Lots? Time will tell.

We are gearing up for our upcoming appearance at Cherry Capital Con, May 25-27; only 10 DAYS AWAY!!! We will be joining a host of other really cool folks in Artist Alley; you can find me at Booth #402, and Jeff right next door at Booth #403! Word has it that we’re sitting directly across from Tony Moore and Nick Pitarra, so chances are that if you see a crowd, it’s most likely for them. I will gladly take their overflow, though!

We will have First Printings of Punching the Clock Volume 1: Training Daze, Buttons, Stickers, 12″x12″ prints of some of our favorite strips (On high-quality poster cardstock!), an EXCLUSIVE C3 11″x17″ print (individually numbered and limited to only 50), and… wait for it… Punching the Clock Pint Glasses.

The awesome has officially gotten “real”.

You should come hang out with us.

I’ll continue to make reference to the Matrix that stopped being cool 10 years ago.


PS: Voting for the CBG fan awards is only open through MAY 31st, so PLEASE GO TO THE LINK IN THE RIGHT SIDEBAR AND VOTE IF YOU HAVEN’T!!!

Punching The Clock #39 – My Little Brony

Archived Post: Originally Posted on 5/8/2012

Bronies. Just what is a “Brony”, you ask? A “Brony” is a term coined for a guy (or a “bro” in this instance) that watches, enjoys and participates in the fan following for the animated My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic TV show.

Yes, my friends, this is a real thing… and they are out there.


Don’t believe me? Behold, Wikipedia:

Look under the “Internet Following” section of the post. They even have a convention dedicated to it!!!


Ah, the horrors that the internet hath wrought upon us.

A brief shout out to all of our friends and fans that stopped out at Top Comics this past Saturday for Free Comic Book Day- we appreciate you coming by and supporting us! Jeff sketched like a madman all day, and I ate doughnuts like they were going out of style. Next stop: Cherry Capital Con, May 25-27! We’ll be on hand with prints, buttons, PINT GLASSES (yes, you read that right… PTC Pint Glasses) and copies of our first collected edition: Punching the Clock- Volume 1: Training Daze. Stop on out, pick up some swag, and share your retail horror stories with us!

Freakin’ Bronies…



Punching The Clock #38 – Best Weekend Ever

Archived Post: Originally Posted on 5/5/2012

Happy Free Comic Book Day!!!

Jeff and I will be at Traverse City’s Top Comics all day today, where Jeff will be doing free sketches all day! Come on out and see us! We’ll have PTCbuttons and a print of today’s comic for sale!

Make sure to support your local comic book shop today and hit up free comic book day- bring a friend who doesn’t read comics, and try and find something they’ll like- for free! Lots of good stuff out today; can’t wait to get my hands on the Archaia Hardcover!

Oh yeah, one last thing- we saw Avengers last night, and it was AMAZING!!! Go check it out! Marvel NAILED IT. The absolute, perfect Marvel movie!!!

That’s it for today! Happy FCBD 2012!


Punching The Clock #37 – And The Winner Is…

Archived Post: Originally Posted on 5/1/2012

And, just like that, the sales contest is over! Congratulations to Ryan on his win, and… wait… WHO won? Did that really just happen? Well, crap.

There’s got to be something more to this… I mean, Alan couldn’t have won fair and square, right? I mean, come on! He’s such a bastard!

Stay tuned as I figure out what the hell just happened here.

On a side note, be sure to check back here on Saturday for a BONUS FREE COMIC BOOK DAY EDITION of Punching the Clock, and stop on out at Top Comics in Traverse City, where Manley and I will be hanging out all day. He will be sketching; I will just be standing there, looking good. Only one of us will do our job well.

Make sure to bring a non-comic-reading friend along with you, and try to find something for free that they might enjoy!

See you all there!


Punching The Clock #36 – Buy Lots Games

Archived Post: Originally Posted on 4/24/2012

A week or two ago, I cracked a joke in my blog about the sales contest being like the Hunger Games. At the time, I thought, “That’s pretty funny. Why didn’t you do a strip based off of that?” And then I called myself a big dummy.

Later on, over lunch with my wife, the topic came up and she more or less co-plotted the strip with me (as the idea was too funny to just let go). Then, I feverishly jotted down all the ideas and a rough script on the back of a napkin in the parking lot of a Burger King.

Ah, the glitz and glamour of being a writer.

The moral to our story: Follow your dreams, and one day you may just be classy enough to take your wife to lunch at Burger King.


Punching The Clock #35 – Suckers

Archived Post: Originally Posted on 4/17/2012

Did we just do a not-so-subtle “people are suckers” joke? Would we do that? Yeah, that just happened. Jeff is out to beat Alan, even if it means being “nice” to customers… while making fun of them in the process.

We are gearing up for Cherry Capital Con! Lots of things happening in the PTC camp- Manley and I are feverishly finishing the first collected print volume of Punching the Clock, and are looking to jam it full of extra goodies for our fans! The book will be available exclusively at C3 first, then will be available to purchase on the internet. We are also finishing up an exclusive print, and a couple of other surprises as well! Be sure to head out to the con, May 25-27, to meet up with us and check out all the cool stuff we’re bringing!

Also, voting is still open for the 2012 CBG Fan Awards, in which we were nominated for “Favorite Webcomic”. If you haven’t voted already, please take a few minutes and vote for us here:

One last thing: We will be out at Top Comics for Free Comic Book Day on May 5th- stop on out and see us!

Now that I’ve bored you to death, I bid you farewell.


Punching The Clock #34 – A Taxing Discussion

Archived Post: Originally Posted on 4/15/2012

Happy Tax Day… sort of. Since today is technically April 15th, the day that taxes are traditionally due to the IRS, I thought that we would make light of those who blow their check on ridiculous stuff. “Hey, my house needs to have that black mold removed… and Billy sure could use some new school clothes… and this doctor bill isn’t gonna pay itself… oh Hell, let’s spend our tax return on a bronze statue of Will Ferrell for the front yard.”

Don’t think I’m judging you, either… I’m just as guilty. My statue is of Woody Allen.

You know what would be great, and won’t cost you a single cent of your tax return? Voting for us in the “Favorite Webcomic” category over at the 2012 CBG Fan Awards. Remember, only vote once; here:

Please and Thank you. Be sure to check back on Tuesday for your regular installment of PTC.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled money spending.


Punching The Clock #33 – Jeff Odinson

Archived Post: Originally Posted on 4/10/2012

Verily, the Odinson doth take issue with Alan’s attitude. It seems that Ryan and Alan have unwittingly unleashed Jeff’s inner fury here. Wonder how that’s going to work out for them?

Sales contests are like participating in the Hunger Games… you want to help your friends out, but ultimately you know you’re going to have to stab everyone else involved (figuratively, literally… your choice) in order to claim victory… all while the powers that be just sit back and enjoy the show. Let’s be honest here, both are about keeping control over the masses while furthering the agenda of those in power. But anyway…

Alan is a jerk, isn’t he? Every workplace has someone just like this, though. If you can’t figure out who it is at your job, then it’s probably you. If so, cut it out. Your co-workers want to maim you. Geez, today’s blog post has dark and violent undertones…

And on that note-

Anyone else excited for Avengers?