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Punching The Clock BONUS: Gotta Help ‘Em All

Hello Again!

Welcome to our SECOND new strip of the day- celebrating Black Friday, Punching The Clock’s birthday, and our NEW HOME, here on Digital Nerdage! You’ll find that the bulk of the Volume 1 strips have been archived here for your reading enjoyment. In the coming weeks, the remaining volumes will follow along with bonus strips, pin-ups, and more!

Rob’s strip focuses a little bit more on what happens- at least, when you are Jeff- when you have left the world of retail and begin to become oblivious to the calendar. We also whip a little bit of Pokemon humor in there- THE HUNT FOR DITTO IS ON!!!

I actually caught mine the other day, but I know many folks have not been as lucky.

To set the tone: Jeff is blissfully unaware of his surroundings, and Ryan is buried in Black Friday madness at Spendco. Just like the old days… sort of. Have a great day, friends, and be sure to spread the word about our new digs here at the Nerdcave- we already feel nice and cozy!

Stay Nerdy, My Friends!